Pet or Companion dog.

The Barbet as a pet dog can only be described as a mixture of fun, hardwork, frustration at times, and sheer joy.

Barbets like to be where you are.

Barbets like to be where you are.

They are a hard breed to fully describe. The fun part is that they are happy dogs, and they do make you laugh, the hard work is the grooming if you keep them long, the frustration is if you don't train them they will do as they please, the sheer joy is that they are loyal, they want to be with you and idealy curled up by your feet.

There are easier breeds to have as pets, dogs that don't need grooming, dogs that do not guard their homes, dogs that don't have the scenting skills, but none of them will be able to match the personality and charater of a barbet.

The barbet is an intelligent breed, and so requires care with the upbringing and training of a young puppy. Bad habits can be quickly learnt and a barbet without direction will soon find one of its own to follow. That said, time spent early on is amply rewarded with a loyal, obediant and eager to please companion.

A fit and active dog, a barbet will enjoy a good walk in all weathers and indeed will expect one, whether you fancy it or not.