Barbet (French Water Dog) Puppies

OK, so this page will have a certain ammount of "Ahhhhh!" factor but the purchase of a puppy is a very important decision and one which is likely to affect your lives for many years to come. Before reading on further please take the time to read the Top 10 reasons NOT to get a barbet.

Barbet puppies

Barbet puppies.

The barbet Club of G.B will only advertise puppies from breeders who are members of the Club and are in good standing; where the health test results (** note - results, not just tested**) of both sire and dam have been verified; where the temperament of the sire and dam are well known and where the pups can be seen with the dam where they were born.

All puppies listed will be micro-chipped, DNA profiled, be given the necessary vaccinations as appropriate, and registered with the Société Central Canine (French Kennel Club) until such time as the breed is recognised by the K.C. in the UK.

Barbet breeders will normally have a waiting list for puppies before deciding to go ahead with a mating and prospective puppy buyers will have done their research and met the dam, possibly the sire and other examples of the breed. However, sometimes once the litters are born, buyers circumstances may have changed or there may not be the puppies of the required sex available.

The number of Barbets in Europe and Worldwide is relatively small, so great care has been taken to ensure a diverse and healthy population in the UK. Barbet Club breeders have selected breeding stock carefully and with the combination of DNA profiles and registering offspring in France, the breed in the UK is very traceable. The pedigrees of all Barbet puppies by Barbet Club breeders in this country is known to the Barbet Club of Great Britain and the Club recommends checking the credentials of any puppy with them before making a purchase.

If however you are interested in importing a barbet into the UK the club will be happy to offer advice on the regulations involved, litters available overseas and their relationship to barbets already living in the UK.