Barbet (French Water Dog) Re-homes.


With the number of barbet in the UK being so low the opportunity to acquire an older barbet is very limited.

However much we plan to have a long and happy life with our dogs, circumstances can change suddenly and unforseen situations can occur. If you feel no longer able to offer your barbet the home it deserves, for whatever reason, you should in the first instance contact your breeder. All the Barbet Club of G.B. breeders take resposibillity for the dogs that they have bred and will undertake the assesment and suitable re-homing of a barbet either on their own or in conjunction with the Club committee.

The club holds microchip and registration details for all barbet bred in the UK by member breeders, so can easily identify if a dog in question is an actual barbet or just happens to look as though it might be one.


If you would like to be considered as a potential owner of an older barbet and feel that you could provide for their exercise, grooming and dietry needs please contact

Mrs Julie Botterill - 07966 394692, E-mail


At present there are no barbet that require re-homing