The Barbet Club


The Barbet Club of Great Britain is a `friendly club` designed to promote knowledge and awareness of the barbet (the French water dog) in the UK. The club feels that the barbet has rightful place in the canine landscape of the UK and is not just a historical novelty but provides a valuable addition to the rich variety of pedigree dogs owned in the UK.

To promote the barbet, the club attends shows and events across the UK where members of the public can meet the breed and have the opportunity to talk to barbet owners who have personal experience of the breed. Many barbet owners in the UK persue a variety of activities with their dogs and there can be no better advert for a breed than for dog and owner to be seen enjoying each others company whether on a shoot, field trial, agility course or a Sunday walk in the park with the family.

On the 3rd of October 2010 the club held its Inaugural Meeting. The club adopted its constitution and elected the committee to administer the club. The club has been set up to protect the interests and welfare of the barbet within the UK and to provide a central source of information that will benefit owners and potential owners alike.

The clubs Constitution and Membership forms are available to view and download on the Membership page, or for further information on the barbet, please contact one of the committee members on the Committee page.


Members of the Barbet Club of Great Britain

Members of the Barbet Club of Great Britain