Forthcoming events where members of Barbet Club of Great Britain will be attending and where the public can meet barbets and their owners.

If you are the organiser of, or know of an event where you feel the barbet would be a useful addition and be of interest to your visitors, please contact a member of the commitee to see if we can be of any assistance.


Events for 2018


Barbet Fun Day 2018.

The Barbet Fun Day will be held on Saturday 30th June in North Dorset from 11- 5pm.

Fun Agility Course - Fun Breed Show - Grooming Advice

Games - Raffle - BBQ

Admission is by ticket in advance.

Members 10, Non Members 14 (Children under 16 & dogs are free!)


Book your place early as numbers are limited. Travelodge, B&B`s and camping are available nearby.
For tickets and further details please e-mail :juliemcdougal@btinternet.com