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1st Birthday for Bepops first litter.


Happy Birthday to all the pups from Bepops first litter who are now 1 year old ! As the weather is so unpredictable at the end of November it was decided to hold a get together for all the pups in October when the weather was likely to be kinder and given the recent weather conditions that seems to have been a wise choice.

Bepop (centre) with (l to r) Doogie, Ruby, DiDi, Duplo, Demi, Bonnie, Hugo and Ooli.

Bepop (centre) with (l to r) Doogie, Ruby,
DiDi, Duplo, Demi, Bonnie, Hugo and Ooli.

With 13 barbets and a few other friends attending, Marion and Paul, the owners of Di Di, kindly allowed us the use of their paddock and stable block so we had a secure field to let the dogs have a good run in and a bolt hole if the weather turned.

The day started early with an informal meeting of owners to discuss how best to take the club forward and to allocate some roles and responsibilities to individual members. With the `business` part of the day done it was time to catch up with the latest arrivals who had had further to travel and to let the dogs get re-aquainted with their siblings, many had not seen each other since they were eight weeks old. Bepop looked slightly perplexed as to how to keep them all in order, it had been a struggle when they were all just eight weeks old, but now it was impossible. Dylan, Dolly & Remy from Betsy`s first litter joined in the chaos but were not sure whether to be pups or teenagers. Lunch was a jolly affair, with plenty of wine for those not driving and tea or coffee for those that were.

One cake for the owners and one for the dogs!

One cake for the owners
and one for the dogs.

A toast was made to absent friends who were unable to attend and for Dari and JoJo in Finland and Denmark respectively. Lunch was rounded of with several cakes brought by owners including one especially made for the dogs which they wolfed down outside later. The afternoons` events started with a truffle themed agility course courtesy of Marion and Paul which was lots of fun and for some, proved that four legs are more stable than two and that teenagers are far more competitive than the more mature entrants. While Bepop put in a respectable time for a mother, it was Duplo that was the comfortable winner.

The afternoon continued with a partially successful demonstration of some of the techniques learnt at the previous weekends gundog training camp in Wales. Even if the dogs were more interested in having a good run around, it did at least give a flavour of what the weekend was about. The day finnished with a raffle to raise funds for the club with prizes donated by members, so a big thank you to those who contributed and took part, and not forgetting Jonty for organising the raffle.

It was another successful event and lovely to see how all the pups have grown and how happy and contented they are. The prize for best jump into the boot of a car went to Dougie who had been practising for his big performance !


For a reminder of how they were just after Christmas last year.


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