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World Dog Show, Paris, France 2011


Another trip to France for 2 Barbets living in England, this time for the French Championship Show and The World Dog Show both to be held at The Parc Des Expositions, just outside Paris.

I set off from Somerset on the Wednesday morning with Bonnie and my friend Ruth and her Golden Retriever, Betz, armed with all the right paperwork, we hoped. We'd even received our passes in time, amazing! Wendy and Julian set off from Hampshire on the same day with Ebene, Annette's Canadian born dog.

Ruth and I had opted for the Channel Tunnel crossing, so we had a long drive down to Folkstone, but all went smoothly and we arrived in plenty of time, in fact even got an earlier shuttle. Apart from a minor hiccup with the sat nav initially on arrival in Calais, it wanted to take us in the opposite direction, we found our route and our hotel, just outside Paris, at Charles-De-Gaulle Airport, without too much trouble. With various stops for both us and the dogs to stretch our legs etc. the whole journey had taken 9 hours.

Wendy and Julian however had opted for the Portsmouth to Le Havre ferry, less driving in the UK, but a long crossing, on what turned out to be choppy seas, say no more! They were camping some 20 minutes from the Expo centre, but still on the outskirts of Paris, well that's what they thought, but their sat nav had other ideas and when they went past the Eiffel Tower, they guessed that may be they'd gone wrong! Thankfully, they finally arrived at the camp site, albeit a little stressed, after their unplanned sight seeing trip round Paris.

World Dog Show Exhibition hall

World Dog Show Exhibition hall.

Thursday morning and an early start as I was in the ring at 10am with Bonnie and my friend at 9am with her Golden. We had planned to walk from the hotel to the show, but it proved too difficult, so we'd have to drive. Then we heard about a mini bus that would take us straight from the hotel to the show for 5 euros each, result, or so we thought. Found the bus, boarded with dogs and others, only to be charged 10 euros each and not dropped at the show, but at the station, some walk away and several flights of steps, not impressed.

After a quick check with the vet that we were bringing in the right dogs, we'd arrived. Off to find the rings and hopefully meet up with friends. Eventually after many texts and a couple of phone calls I met up with Wendy and Julian, who'd had fun in the car park, French organisation!!

Today was French Championship Show - Bonnie and Ebene were both entered in the Open Bitch class or should I say 'Classe Ouverte Femelles' under Italian judge M. Guffanti Gianni, there were 10 bitches entered in this class.

Julie with Bonnie in the Open Female Class

Julie with Bonnie in the Open Female Class.

I must say that the judge was very thorough and had us running round the ring at least 5 times, at the end of which he placed Bonnie 3rd and Ebene 4th, both attaining an Excellent grade. He congratulated his top 4 and said that he thought they were all Excellent examples of the breed and had the correct coat type, which in his opinion was one of the most important parts of a Barbet. We were very pleased with the result, but particularly with his comments.

At the end of a tiring day, back to the hotel, courtesy of a lift from Wendy and Julian, we weren't doing the mini bus again. They kindly agreed to pick us up the next morning. We walked the dogs, who were very tired, like us, got a take away pizza (a whole other story, that I won't bore you with) and an early night to be ready for the next day.

Friday, back at the show and we decided to find the vet first thing, to get the passports sorted out for our return journey. We had appointments already booked via email from home for 1pm, but Ruth and Betz were due in the ring at that time, so we thought we'd sort it all out earlier. Vet was due at 10am, but by 10.30 there was quite a queue, we were about 10th, but no vet. Some people were stressed and angry and after some discussion, raised voices etc. a vet was found at 11am - I've decided that organisation is not a strong point of the French. All was sorted and we were ready to look round the show, as none of our dogs were in the ring until the afternoon.

Today, World Dog Show day, Bonnie & Ebene were in different classes. Bonnie again in the 'Classe Ouverte Femelles, but Ebene in 'Classe Champion Femelles', as Ebene was a Canadian Champion before coming to England.

Our judge for today was French, M. Martin Phiippe. Bonnie's class had an entry of 16, but 2 were absent on the day. This judge didn't move us much at all, a bit disappointing, as it is a strong point for Bonnie, anyway, she didn't get placed, but did still attain an Excellent grade. Ebene was the only one in her class and was awarded both an Excellent grade and first place, then challenged for the C.A.C.S. AND C.A.C.I.B. & reserves, but was piped at the post, but again well done to both girls in stiff competition.

Bonnie & Betz take a break!

Bonnie & Betz take a break!

We watched the remainder of the Barbet judging, joined now by my friend Ruth, who had finished in the Golden ring. Her girl Betz, on both days, achieved an Excellent grade and got down to the last 9 in her class, no mean feat considering an entry of approximately 40 each day, so well done to Ruth and Betz.

Once judging had ended for us all, we went outside for a photo shoot of Barbets. It was amazing to see so many Barbets all together and that alone was worth the trip.

We all travelled home on the Saturday, for Ruth and myself another 9 hour journey, but it all went smoothly, arriving home at 9pm, exhausted, a 700 mile round trip, but a successful one.

One lasting memory - Foreign dog owners obviously are not inclined to clean up after their pets, hence we've all returned home expert at weaving, yuk!

by Julie McDougal


The full show results can be found by clicking on the link below.

French Championship (09/07/11) & World Dog Show (10/07/11)

Select CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE or MONDIALE for the WDS. Then `Group 8` in the left hand menu and then `Barbet`


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