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Barbet Bar-b-que.


"You want me to what"?

I had heard it alright but my head was telling me to check the request a second time.

"The Barbet Club bash at Annette's was a great day and I have volunteered YOU to write up the event in your inimitable fashion"

"I've made copious notes so you've got no excuses"

I write the nonsense some of you have read on our website and will now attempt to write up the notes from the recently held Summer 2012 gathering of the Barbet Club, an event that was held very successfully at Annette's Emporium of dreams near Southampton.

So without wasting any further time on the introduction - here we go

Jimmy and his helpers.

Jimmy and his helpers.


Karen had gone down the day before mainly because it is a long drive from Wales and the other reason was to help prepare for the next morning??

This actually means sitting with Annette, drinking tea and generally gossiping whilst Jimmy ACTUALLY prepared everything for the big event. But Jimmy, being no fool, secured the services of a few well known friends and companions to ably assist him!

The language difficulties were easily overcome? They didn't communicate!!

Here we can see Jimmy preparing one of the paddling pools and Claude trying to grab the brush. What use this was to Jimmy I will never know but I would have picked up Claude and used him as the brush!! (No not really) ish....



The weather was glorious and it should be noted very clearly that the English summer for 2012 was in Southampton this year and was on the 9th of September. Such joy.......

If anyone else believes they had a summer in their area this year then please let us know - we can hold the next event at your place in 2013 !!

Although this was not an official get together it was a great opportunity of bringing Barbet owners together, putting names to faces and to see a number of the puppies born this year and see how they have progressed since leaving their breeders homes.

There was an educational perspective from Wendy who gave a demonstration on how to groom the Barbet and of course the owners themselves sharing their Barbet experiences.

Several topics were discussed including, is there any more wine, have we finished the beer, was that the last of the tea bags, oh is that the last burger in Southampton and of course if no one is going to have that last cake then I will "Its mine I tell you"....

Then occasionally this was in-dispersed with Barbet chatter!!

A very informal meeting.

A very informal meeting.

There was no official meeting on the day as not all Committee Members were able to attend the BBQ , but Wendy very kindly took the opportunity of updating Club members on the Kennel Club's decision to refuse the Barbet breed recognition here in the UK.

Another idea that came out of the meeting was to produce a twice yearly newsletter for Club members which Karen has volunteered to do. Contributions from you would be greatly appreciated, so if anybody has a funny short story to tell about their Barbet, a natural dog treat recipe or something you would like to see included in the newsletter please contact Karen

Next on the agenda that wasn't? A Gun Dog Training Weekend in Wales....Carmarthen to be precise for those mapping it out for your diaries, and the target date will hopefully be around March 2013.

The trainer, and I can speak from experience with him, was a previous world gun dog champion and is known throughout the UK for his gun dog demonstrations at all the major country shows and game fairs . He trains gun dogs of all breeds and has a fabulous set up inclusive of river and lake. The lessons you will learn will be invaluable whether you have your Barbet as a pet or as a working gun dog.

More information on this will follow in due course, but if anybody is interested in attending, can you drop Wendy an email just to register your interest.

With the meeting coming to an end it was time to clear the table and get on with the serious matter of having food and fun. Annette put on a lovely array of food which everybody tucked into with Gusto and Jimmy was again put to work at the BBQ.

What about the Barbets, well their party had started the minute they got in the field running around together and generally having lots of fun. I think they all did their owners proud on the day and the majority of the time they were well behaved. We had a couple of table surfers when the food came out but what dog wouldn't give it their best shot at the possibility of free titbits!!

So let the games begin??

Gladiators battle it out in the main arena.Photograph by Jan Anderson Thinks: Bet this didn't happen to Kirk Douglas or Russell Crowe...

Gladiators battle it out in the main arena...
Photograph by Jan Anderson.

Thinks: Bet this didn't happen to Kirk Douglas or Russell Crowe...

"Keep a low profile guys,
one of us is going on that grooming table"



Following the Gladiator event there was a general walkabout with a meet and greet...owners and dogs of course, the dogs were more interested in the fish treats that had been scattered on the floor for them, plus I think they were trying to ignore their owners as they had seen the grooming table come out.




I`m a barbet...get me out of here!

I`m a barbet...get me out of here!


And now we hand over to Wendy and a demonstration on how to groom the Barbet....or "How to turn your mop into a masterpiece"

This was no Blue Peter session either, this is serious stuff given the 'French' rule book on how the mop - sorry - The Barbet should look come grooming time. I should know because Karen is a Dog Groomer and even she had to be enhanced by Wendy's instructions.

I swept the floor after her first attempt at Claude and stuffed 11 soft toys for Christmas with the contents of that sweep up!!!




The time came to take a group photo...

Well done folks and how you got to this point and the pose needs special mention:

So here it is?

Special mention......

I`m a barbet...get me out of here!

Photograph by Jan Anderson

From left to right:
Owner with her Barbet, Owner with her Barbet, Owners with their Barbets, Ooh and an owner with his Barbet, Ooooh and look in the Centre - more owners with their Barbets and as we move to the right of the picture there's lots more owners with their Barbets
Hope I got the names right!!

OK, OK, so I'm not a bear!!!!

"OK, OK, so I'm not a bear!!!!"



Meanwhile across the other side of the lawned area a small Brown Bear loiters from the woods into the event and decides to leave his scent on the ground...






And so it just leaves me to pull out a few moments from the event and conclude afterwards with the Thank you session.



Firstly, we have Wayne Rooney in casuals (on the right of the picture, top left) warming up from his recent injury and if I'm not mistaken going in for the tackle that looks like - no never mind!!

Come on the ball is mine..... Italian gets hunted down by irate French pack

Come on the ball is mine.....

Italian gets hunted down by irate French pack
I can't lip read the lead dog but it does not look a pleasant comment!!

"Oh yea baby..stop tickling me,
it makes my ears stick up and I look daft"

"What is wrong with you?"
"Stop chasing me round and round the garden like a teddy bear.."

I thought of it first...nur nur nee nur nur

"I thought of it first...nur nur nee nur nur"
Photograph by Jan Anderson

And finally.....


Annette and Jimmy Great hosts, great venue and for all the food...

John Daniels For taking time out of his busy schedule to take the photographs - much appreciated

Wendy For the tips and advice on keeping a Barbet in perfect trim (the impossible made possible)

The Hot Bread Shop Aberystwyth For donating the bread rolls and buns and stuff.

To all who donated raffle prizes Appreciated and worth the effort as the proceeds will go to the welfare fund

To the Barbets Without whom none of this would have happened

To ALL you owners from far and near You came from Scotland, from Wales and the rest of the country and it is appreciated
very much that you supported this event to the benefit of all.


See you all soon and take care.

by `The Banker`



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