Barbet YouTube clips

Below are a selection of video clips from YouTube featuring Barbets from the UK and abroad.


Barbet in the UK.







Leaving the Pen, Martha and Ooli's litter of six 2015.


Barbet on display at the CLA Game Fair 2010.


Barbet training for the water retrieve.

The puppies from Betsy Bonheur and Bacchus Di Barbochos Reiau De Prouvenco at 4 weeks old from Christmas 2009.


Novaforesta Effie starts retriever training.


Barbets can be useful around the house!!.


One that got left behind.


Novaforesta Eton takes a swim.


The puppies from Bepop and Caya de la serve de la Chapelle d'Alexandre at 7 weeks old from January 2009.


Betsy Bonheur, always loves a swim.


Barbet (French water dog) retrieving from water.